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Linen is easy to take care of, but it's worth following a few simple guidelines.  This Linen Care Guide will help you to enjoy your linen for many years to come.


Fortunately all our linens can be machine washed. In fact the more you wash your linen, the more the fibres soften, making the fabric easier to iron and ever more beautiful. Before washing, separate dark colours from lighter coloured or white linens and try not to overload your machine. Placing fringed items inside a pillowcase or cloth bag will help to better protect them. Select a gentle wash (40C for coloured linen and 60C for white linen) with a moderate spin cycle.

Use a mild detergent or soap.  Avoid detergents with bleaching agents, especially for coloured linen.  If your water is hard, use a water softening agent for best results.  Always rinse well.


Never tumble-dry linen as this can over-dry the fibres and makes ironing more difficult. Linen naturally dries quickly anyway. So spin and line dry. 


For best results with least effort, iron your linen while it is damp and spray with linen water to give it a delicious scent.  Fold the linen before you iron it to speed up the process.  For the ironing averse, our prewashed linen is especially easy to iron.  However, linen doesn't have to be ironed to be attractive and many people, including us, like the more relaxed crinkled effect.


Unless prewashed, our linens will shrink by up to 3-5% when first washed.  If you are ordering fabric please allow for this when making up.  Please note, our French cottons shrink by up to 5% on the first wash.


Try to deal with stains quickly by soaking your linen in a gentle detergent.  Wash the item as soon as possible afterwards.  If someone spills red wine at the table, avoid throwing salt on as this will fix it.  Instead dilute the red wine by pouring a little white wine or water on it, and then soak it as soon as you can.


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